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1st Musa Campus 10 – 14 June, 2019



Total cost of the course Euro 990.00 + VAT.

Sign up for the course paying an advance of Euro 500.00

Docent: Sergey Lavrukhin – Nina Uspehova

Download the registration form

Registration procedure

The total cost of the CAMPUS is EURO 990.00 + VAT, to be able to book it is mandatory to pay a deposit of EURO 500.00. Registration can be done in the following ways:

      • REGISTRATION FORM, completed in its parts, dated and signed;
      • Copy of the Bank Transfer Receipt of Euro 500, or Postepay Recharge: 5333171032675031 Tax Code: SHSNNI81L45Z138E.
  • BOOK THE PARTICIPATION AT THE CAMPUS ON LINE ON WWW.MUSANAILS.IT, you can pay by bank transfer, credit card, PayPal.





Holder: MUSA SRL

IBAN: IT31L0538740070000003045975

In the motive indicate “Booking Campus Musa 10 – 14 June 2019” followed by your Name and Surname.

Example: Booking Campus Musa 10 – 14 June 2019 – Marta Rossi.

THE PRICE INCLUDES: Personal technical kit consisting of all the products necessary for the course, for a total value of Euro 330.00. During the course it will be possible to purchase MUSA PRODUCTS WITH 30% DISCOUNT EXCLUSIVELY RESERVED FOR PARTICIPANTS.

THE FEE DOES NOT INCLUDE: The price does not include accommodation, meals, travel expenses and in general anything not expressly mentioned in the program. Cutters and table lamps and UV-LEDs, adapters and extensions must be taken with the attendants. For the occasion, MUSA Srl has stipulated an agreement with the Hotel Casal dell’Angelo in Marigliano, an exclusive location where the Campus is held, it will be possible to stay overnight: AT THE COST OF 59 EURO PER NIGHT IN SINGLE ROOM OR 69 EURO PER NIGHT IN THE ROOM DOUBLE. Trainees are however free to choose the accommodation they consider most suitable, there is no overnight stay and / or meal obligation. The following is the details of the partner hotel for the CAMPUS MUSA: HOTEL CASAL DELL’ANGELO – Tel: +39 081.8412471 – E-mail:


To who

The Campus is an exclusive training event aimed at those who want to perfect their nails reconstruction and decoration technique. To guarantee a high level education, it is advisable to enroll in the Campus only after having attended courses in gel structure and basic nail art courses. It is also important to have knowledge of the inverse french technique. We invite you to carefully evaluate your preparation for participation in the Campus so as not to be disappointed in this course both professionally and economically.

Presentation of trainees

Students must present themselves to Marigliano at the HOTEL CASAL DELL’ANGELO IN Via September 11th 40,400 km 80034 Marigliano – Italy no later than 9:00 am on June 10th 2014. THE CORSISTS WILL BE ADMITTED TO THE CAMPUS AFTER THE REGISTRATION HAS BEEN PERFECTED WITH PAYMENT OF THE BALANCE.

Campus program

10 June 2019


TOPICS: Square Shape and Salone Almond

11 June 2019


TOPICS: Form Edge and Stiletto

12 June 2019


TOPICS: Reconstruction without filings (Square shape and Classic Almond)

June 13, 2019


TOPICS: Watercolor and plasticine nail art

June 14, 2019


TOPICS: Nail art One Stroke and Graphic Art

Regulation and Conditions

MAX NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 50 The fee paid as a course booking, in the event of your cancellation, will be fully reimbursed up to April 30, 2019. If the minimum number of students is not reached, the Campus will be canceled, we will give you prior notice by April 30 2019. In the event of cancellation, MUSA SRL will reimburse the full amount paid as a reservation. No other expenses (travel expenses, air flight booking, car rental, train tickets, holiday and accessory reservations) will be refunded.

The MUSA Campus will end on Friday 14 June 2019 with the Gala Evening. Delivery of the certificates AND PROCLAIM OF THE THREE WINNERS WITH DELIVERY OF THE TROPHIES.

The Court of Naples will have jurisdiction over any dispute.

NOTICE: The student undertakes to look for a model with natural nails, who is not from the field, for each day of the course. If no model is available, Musa will be able to supply one with a surcharge of 40 Euros per day. If the trainee does not have the necessary equipment, she can buy it at the store.