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Nail art gel
Nail Art Gel - Super pigmented for perfect results

Nail Art is the art of decorating nails and for this reason Musa Nails Nail Art gels are born. Specially created to ensure the right density and easy realization of fantastic nail art, from the simplest ones made with Spider Gel to the shaded ones made with Art Gels, to those in 3D thanks to our fantastic Plasticine. With these super pigmented gels with a fabulous consistency you will get perfect and clean results which will be envied by anyone.

Why choose our Nail Art Gels?

Nail decoration requires the use of gels being designed for this type of procedure. Normal lower viscosity color gels tend to expand themselves and make it more difficult to create geometric shapes, floral designs or painterly effects. This is why Musa has developed gel lines dedicated to nail art. Gel nail art can give beginners great satisfaction, just choose the right gel and start gradually with small steps to become familiar with the basic tools and techniques. After having some experience with nail art stickers or nail stencils, you can devote yourself to gel decoration which is extremely versatile, allowing you to give free rein to creativity.

How to choose the Nail Art Gel?
High density gel for easy nail decoration

The high density gels are particularly suitable for those who are starting to take their first steps in the world of nail art. Thanks to their elastic consistency, they allow you to create precise and fine lines more easily than lower viscosity color gels. For beginners it is recommended to start with gel nail art without dispersion, because they do not need to seal the decoration. Musa has created ultra-pigmented Nail Art Gels without dispersion allowing you to perform decorations with precision without sacrificing the brilliance of the colors.

Professional nail art gel: watercolor, one stroke and 3d nail art gel

For painting and more advanced procedures, such as the "one stroke" technique or the "watercolor" technique, the most suitable gel paints are those which can be worked for a long time without dripping. These are ultra-pigmented gels ideal for micro-painting and shades; once polymerized they do not release dispersion. For this type of work it is always recommended to use high quality synthetic brushes which are able to give you full control over the drafting and the more complex lines. For embossed decorations, which have been increasingly trendy in the nails world for some years, it is preferable to choose a gel with high viscosity and resistance. Musa has developed the products of the Plastigel line, ideal for the 3D technique both in the salon and at home, which can be used with powders, rhinestones and glitter.