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Gel Builder - The innovation everyone was waiting for!

Musa Nails offers numerous types of gel builders , ideal to meet the needs of all customers, from a self-leveling gel up to a very high viscosity, such as that offered by the Acrylic Gel . Transparent builder gels, many colors of camouflage gel , and then finish with whites to draw or build the French. We can also boast of being the first to launch the new Gel Soufflè on the market, self-leveling that does not drip! The innovation everyone was waiting for!

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  1. Master One Master One
    Master One
    As low as €23.90
  2. Master Two Master Two
    Master Two
    As low as €23.90
  3. Master Three Master Three
    Master Three
    As low as €23.90
  4. Expert One
    Expert One
    As low as €23.90
  5. Expert Two Expert Two
    Expert Two
    As low as €23.90
  6. Expert Three Expert Three
    Expert Three
    As low as €23.90
  7. Soufflè Milk
    Soufflè Milk
    As low as €23.90
  8. Soufflè Milk Shine
    Soufflè Milk Shine
    As low as €23.90
  9. Soufflè Pink
    Soufflè Pink
    As low as €23.90
  10. Soufflè Peach Soufflè Peach
    Soufflè Peach
    As low as €23.90
  11. Diamond Diamond
    As low as €23.90
  12. Ultra White 5ML Ultra White 5ML
  13. Perfect French 15 ML Perfect French 15 ML
  14. Single-phase gel Gel Clear Single-phase gel Gel Clear
  15. Sculpt Gel Camouflage
    Sculpt Gel Camouflage
    As low as €23.90
  16. Natural Strong Natural Strong
    Natural Strong
    As low as €11.95 Regular Price €23.90
  17. Corrector Fiber 15ML Corrector Fiber 15ML
    Corrector Fiber 15ML
    Special Price €11.95 Regular Price €23.90
  18. ONE SOLUTION 3 IN 1-500ml
  19. ONE SOLUTION 3 IN 1-100ml
Grid List

19 Items