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MUSA has born as a project just three years ago and now is one of the most innovative and representative brand in the Nail Technical world.

MUSA World - “As i like to name it becouse our goal is to expand and empower services and skills in order to put them to use for our customers” - today is focused on two huge Areas: “ACADEMY” and “PRODUCTS”.

MUSA NAILS EXPERT ACADEMY is an increasingly performing and specialized training academy for our students; a place where all my skills and the Know-How acquired over years of field work are transferred with passion and dedication. An Academy where the most innovative methods are taught to create manicures and reconstructions with an elegant design appropriate to the needs of your customers. There are many Academy courses that we have already concluded and that have led our students to become Master Nails. Today all of them are highly requested professionals for the excellence they work with, but not only that, they are now also instructors and resellers of MUSA brand products

MUSA PRODUCTS is, in fact, our world made up of MUSA brand products, a wide range of professional products made based on  a careful study of the colors, chrome plating and materials best suited to realize the most particular and detailed works in Nails Technician World.

My passion for colors and for art in general, has led our company to create today a line that starts from the classic semi-permanent, and then moves on to Gel and Acrylic Gels - the latest and most followed of our articles on market right now - which will allow you to fully and fully realize your Idea of ​​Fashion Nails in the fascinating art of Onicotechnics. We have not forgotten to include in our catalog a wide range of accessories, Art Decor and support material that fully complete your professional needs.

MUSA WORLD, today, offers you an opportunity for competent and serious growth by providing you an acquired Know-How and a Research and Innovation Project that looks to the future. 
Realize your Ego, GROW WITH US, follow our Academy and become our Partner.