Who we are

Musa company

Musa is a project born in 2017 from the experience and passion for this work; thanks to these characteristics it was possible to emerge with great determination in the Nails sector, becoming a point of reference for professionals in this sector, for aspiring nail technicians and for the related network of customers. The MUSA world focuses on two macro-areas: the Academy and Products.


The brand's vision is to offer increasingly performing products, supported by constant research and the continuous study of new formulations. Musa today is one of the most important brands in Italy, but our company aims at the continuous expansion of its MADE IN ITALY brand, in Europe and in non-European countries too.


The goal is to meet the needs of nail technicians, offering them a range of increasingly effective and innovative products and solutions,
but in particular to expand their technical skills through professional training.
MUSA is an international brand which sets the rules of excellence.


The philosophy of the brand is based on continuous improvement, focusing everything on quality with performing products characterized by the highest quality standards, using the most advanced technologies and the constant search for innovative and exclusive formulas. The keywords underlying our philosophy are: inspiration, research and ambition for a glamorous and trendy mood.

Personal training

We constantly invest in the training of our Masters and the professionals who collaborate with us. Our network operates in Italy and also abroad. Undertaking a training course with us means relying on professionals and a solid and professional brand. The MUSA course allows the student to obtain a professional qualification, as the certificate is an indispensable tool for starting work and for being framed as certified professionals. The academy offers numerous packages with different levels of specialization through courses which offer complete training to undertake this activity.

The founder

A large and innovative world entirely dedicated to nails and the nail technician profession is the one created by Nina Uspehova, founder of the Musa brand, who has consolidated experience, gained over many years of activity as an expert in the Nails sector and as a teacher in the professional training. With her passion and love for this job, she has determined the values of the MUSA company, becoming an inspiration for all those who undertake this profession.