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Manicure Set Medium

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Manicure Set Medium: nail drill bits for manicure and gel disassembly


Nail Drill Bit Set
Manicure Set Medium
It meets the needs of all nail technicians as each bit performs a specific function.

The Kit consists of:
- Ceramic bit with medium grain suitable for Gel removal;
- Carbon 5 cone bit with medium grain suitable for gel removal;
- Fiamma 23 bit with medium grain suitable for performing dry manicures and performing a delicate and deep cleaning of the lateral valleys and gyrocuticles;
- Sphere bit diameter 31 with medium grain to eliminate the cuticle;
- Pear bit diameter 50 with medium grain to clean the nail valleys and the cuticle ring;
- Carbon 22 cone bit with medium grain ideal for finishing the C curve in the lower and upper part and eliminating excess product.

Disinfectable and sterilizable.
Universal plug which fits most nail drills.

For professional use.