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Transparent. Simply applied as a soak off, endurance and strength as a builder gel. It provides clean results and ensures the sealing of medium and long nails. No more need to separate cans or brushes, bottle handy application that allows you to reduce the time of writing refill thanks to a faster and at a minimum filings. Good to hide any imperfections and to give greater strength to the natural nail, Extra resistant to ensure the polish lasting up to four weeks. Thanks to its consistency, you can track the missing fragments of nail and nail extensions ultra slim forms can be filed. Apply after Primer Ultra Bond or a small amount on the tip and cure 60sec. under LED lamp. Then proceed with the classic natural nail reinforcement layer. This mode of use is effective to ensure a greater resistance to any type of natural nail. Times polymerization: LED / CCFL 60 sec. - UV 120 sec.

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