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Exhibitor Pharmacy with 16 Fresheners 100ml
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Pharmacy Display with 16 Fresheners 100ml

  • 4 Fresheners Pharmacy Mediterranean Citrus 100ml. The Mediterranean aroma of orange, grapefruit and lemon from Sicily combines the freshness of delicately floral notes in a musky base.
  • 4 Fresheners Pharmacy Talc and Musk 100ml. Irresistible clean scent that comes from meeting between delicate floral notes and talc in a basic feature of tonka bean, musk and berries vanilla.
  • 4 Fresheners Pharmacy Fico 100ml. The delicate essence of fig leaves touches of citrus top notes and plunges deeply in a dessert of vanilla and musk d tree.
  • 4 Fresheners Pharmacy Ginko 100ml. L precious of Ginko plant aroma combines sparkling citrus notes, soft floral aromas in a sandal bottom, tonka bean and moss.

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