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This fragrance releases a considerable intensity and releases great strength into the environment. Creating an explosive mix of freshness. Grapes and blueberries are the perfect match. A perfume made of flavors and colors, in a synaesthesia of emotions capable of capturing body and soul. Evoking notes of summer and earth. CASHMERE ENVIRONMENT SCENT Soft, clean and enveloping essence. The light and delicate top notes of lemon and cyclamen come to life in the heart of the fragrance with predominantly relaxing notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine and iris. CAMELLIA AND GRAPEFRUIT SCENTED CANDLE The sweet encounter between the delicacy of Camellia and the strong personality of Grapefruit blooms among the irises on a totally musky base. MAGNOLIA AND TUBEROSA SCENTED CANDLE Like a shower of delicate petals, magnolia and tuberose's fresh fragrance creates a flowery bouquet softened by notes of vanilla and ylang-ylang.

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