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Soothing Hand Cream With Sweet Almond Oil & Calendula Extract Moisturizing and soothing, paraben-free, with sweet almond oil & calendula extract. A real nectar of sweetness that contains the soft and enveloping notes of sweet almonds, in a formulation enriched with Calendula extract, to give elasticity; to the skin of the hands, protect it and nourish it intensely. Rich and melting texture, it is rapidly absorbed, non-greasy. Softening and Nourishing Foot Cream With Urea, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Rich emulsion, with a soft and velvety texture, daily treatment to prevent dehydration and dryness. Formulated with precious ingredients, such as Jojoba oil and sweet almonds, extremely emollient and nourishing, Shea Butter, source of vitamin E, to which are added a mix of moisturizing factors and Aloe Vera, hydration booster and Urea: a skin softener, useful to combat excessive dryness of the foot.Results guaranteed from the first applications. The skin is smooth, smooth and deeply hydrated. Hand Scrub Gel With Hazelnut & Sweet Almond powder it is Paraben Free A gel with a high moisturizing and softening power that ensures an effective exfoliating action, but at the same time not aggressive. It contains very fine hazelnut and almond powders, which free the epidermal surface from impurities; and dead cells.The skin of the hands immediately appears pure, luminous and smooth. Refreshing Foot Scrub Gel With Jojoba pearls & Peppermint essential oil. Delicate scrub gel for the care of our feet. Fresh and light formulation, but at the same time rich and emollient, thanks to the presence of eudermic oils (Jojoba oil and Olive oil). Enriched with Jojoba pearls, it acts as an exfoliating agent by gently eliminating dead cells from the epidermal surface and promoting cell renewal.Thanks to the presence of Mint essential oil, the foot is enveloped in a pleasant sensation of freshness and lightness at every application.

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