We are very focused on maintaining the extreme quality of our products, we choose only certified raw materials and evaluate the toxicological and irritating profile of our cosmetic products through complete analyzes.

Our products are free of Formaldehyde and Heavy Metals.

It is well known by now that many chemicals present in uncontrolled and uncertified cosmetics can be dangerous for the final consumer.

In particular, in many poor quality UV GEL POLISH, the presence of Formaldehyde and Heavy Metals (As, Sb, Cd, Ni, Hg, Pb) is often found.

Formaldehyde is absolutely FORBIDDEN in cosmetics, and is classified as a CMR substance (Mutagenic and Reprotoxic Carcinogenic), more specifically the complete classification of this chemical compound is:

Carc. 1B - H350: May cause cancer

Mut. 2 - H341: Suspected of causing genetic defects

AcuteTox. 3 - H301: Toxic if swallowed

AcuteTox. 3 - H311: Toxic in contact with skin

AcuteTox. 3 - H331: Toxic if inhaled

SkinCorr. 1B - H314: Causes severe skin burns and eye damage

Unfortunately, it is not enough to read the ingredients present in the INCI to understand if a cosmetic product is safe and without Formaldehyde, in fact this molecule is often freed from other compounds, known as FORMALDEHYDE CESSORS and / or can be present as an impurity in raw materials little controlled.

Heavy Metals such as Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, Antimony and Nickel are often present in make-up products because they are present as impurities in poor quality pigments.

The harmful effects for the body after prolonged exposure to heavy metals are different and the people most at risk are professional operators who use uncontrolled cosmetic products for several hours a day.

Arsenic - Carcinogenic for the lymphatic system, liver and skin

Cadmium - Affects the immune system

Mercury - Affects the central nervous system and causes DNA damage

Lead - Causes damage to the kidneys and can cause birth defects.

Nickel - Causes damage to the lungs and bronchi and allergens the skin

Antimony - Causes heart damage

We perform routine control analysis, at SGS-level accredited laboratories international, to evaluate the presence of Formaldehyde and Heavy Metals in our UV GEL.